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season 4
Super Sargasso Sea

Martina Wilsey sips vodka and listens to a television evangelist prophesize the advent of the apocalypse. Raising her martini glass in a cynical toast, Martina glances out the window to see live frogs - dropping out of nowhere - landing in her backyard. Certain that this must be a sign of the preacher's revelation, Martina calls in the OSIR to investigate - believing that the world must be warned of the impending doom.

Axon initially considers that the incident could be evidence of the Super Sargasso Sea theory, in which hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones carry matter from the Earth's surface and dump it into a vast atmospheric ocean dubbed the Super Sargasso Sea. When violent storms on Earth create disturbances in the Sea, some of its contents drop back to Earth. This is just one of the theories that Axon and Donner ponder during the investigation. When testing on the frogs indicates that the creatures are indigenous to the area, they start to check out sources a little closer to home.

Not far away, Ed and Norm Weaver scrounge for junk along a swampy shore. Their metal detector leads them to a large item bearing a resemblance to a satellite dish. Figuring it will bring them top dollar, they lug the piece of metal - unaware that this piece of scrap is actually a teleportation device. They plan to celebrate their valuable 'find' with a bottle of whisky, but their long-suffering mother June insists that they get rid of junk in her backyard. Ed and Norm ignore her, and go off to celebrate their big find.

Left behind in the cluttered yard, June angrily tosses a weed whacker out of the way. It bounces into the 'dish' and disappears. Back at Martina's, the weed whacker drops out of sky and lands in the backyard pool. Axon now believes they are looking at a case of electrically-generated teleportation.

June is stunned by what just happened, but thrilled that she's found a way to discard of the garbage. She starts tossing everything into the 'dish'. Moments later it all lands in Martina's back yard. Ed and Norm return home to find the yard clear of scrap. Furious, Ed steps menacingly towards June. He grabs his mother - but as he lets her go, she too falls into the dish - and falls with a huge splash into the pool in Martina's backyard. Delighted with her new surroundings and not wanting to be sent back, she resists telling the OSIR where she came from.

But, as the investigation continues, the frogs disappear from the Mobile Lab where they are being studied. When the weed whacker vanishes, along with the OSIR's tracking system - capable of tracking from the Earth's surface to 1,000 feet - Axon and Donner grow extremely concerned. By their calculations, they have one hour and seven minutes to find - and deactivate - the teleportation device, or June, too, will disappear forever.